Easy Papasan Footstool Makeover

My sister got me this stool along with a used papasan on Craigslist. I loved them—until my cats took over them and made them furry. Unfortunately, washing only made them faded, but doesn't get rid of the furry. So after reading and pinning a bunch of DIY painting tutorials, I've decided I'll give these a makeover. I started with the footstool first just in case I mess up.

Lo and behold: the old footstool. It's lumpy. It's hairy. It's gross.

This is made out of wicker, so I gently sanded it down and wiped with a dry paper towel.

Then I sprayed two coats of Rust-oleum Flat White Paint and Primer. Easy breezy ...

I didn't like the cushion AT ALL and had a brilliant idea to replace it with a pillow. Okay maybe not so brilliant, but still cheaper than a real footstool cushion, and wayyy prettier. Finding the cushion proved to be more difficult. I went to two Burlington Coat Factory and a Ross before I stumbled on something I absolutely love. Plus, I didn't have food all day long so I was miserable by the time I found this pillow.

Cushion. Turquoise. Pillow section. 16 inches diameter (I measured the footstool before going to the store). $11.

Just place the pillow on top and voila. Done. Ten times better than the old footstool and takes minimum effort (except for finding the pillow).

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