Chickedees Part II

Remember these chicks? They're all grown up now. Behold!

My sister is taking them back to their coop after a long day of digging around in the dirt.

Cat in a Hat!

Guess what was found in my parents' mailbox? Another surprise postcard! Madness! I wonder who would send me this silliness...

I was warned to prepared myself, but I didn't! Aack!

BAM! Totally got hit by surprise.

Ridiculous! A tabby cat in a cat! You know, this cat looks very much like Suppy!

What do you think?

Even though it wasn't signed, can you guess who it was?

Give up?


Mother's Day and Sunshine

I woke up to sunshine flooding my bed today. Even though it was 6:30 AM, the sun was beaming as an indication of summer approaching.

Today is also Mother's Day for my new found country (new found = 17 years ago). I'm not anywhere near my mom. She's in Florida attending a wedding. She called me yesterday sounding like she was having a great time. It made me happy to hear laughter in her voice. If she was here, she would tell me that it's not important to "celebrate" Mother's Day for one day out of the year when I should be good all year long. I'm guilty of not being nice/good to my mom all year long.

Last week, I made a decision to not get crossed at my mom for every little things. All she wanted to do was take care of me like I want to take care of my pets. She did everything for me from the day she knew I existed. She made sure that I have a good life. We might not agree on a lot of things in life, but can I really blame her? Maybe if I grew up with the life she had and in her time, I would have the same views.

...and because my mom and my dad have made me everything I am today, I was able to be a responsible "adult" who made her own breakfast...a breakfast that looked like a face.

By the way, this is the table that I've been sitting at for hours on end this past week and it still looks like this. Never ending study is ~fun~. My mom would be ashamed of how messy it is and proud that I'm studying at the same time.


On the day that I was babysitting Zorba, I received a call from my sister.

I found a chick! - she said.
What? - I said.
A chick was wandering in our backyard! - she replied.

So she set out to see to whom the chick belonged. She asked the kids in the neighborhood who were playing near by. They did not know. During her quest, she found another chick! Then later on, the neighborhood kids found a 3rd one and gave it to her!

Boy oh boy.

They are incredibly cute! What do you think?

Like anything baby, they were full of energy and could not stand still. My sister, the most awesome person in the world, got them a heating pad and took on the painstaking task of grinding up rice to feed them...all while looking pretty.

So we called the SPCA, they said that we cannot surrender them unless we've had them for 30 days already. No way these chicks were older than 30 days, so cannot lie there. My dad posted flyers around the neighborhood but nobody was claiming them so....

20110410-DSC_2321 dad built them a coop! Hahah!

This is what they look like a month ago. I think they are hens and we hope that they are hens, but we will see.

My sister is now a farmer. The chicks, now in their rambunctious teenage stage, think that she's their mommy (mother hen, teehee) and follow her everywhere.

The cats think the chicks are tasty!

Just kidding! They prefer the plastic fowls.

Surprise Postcard!

I opened my mailbox and saw this!

London! I wonder who was in London...hmmmm....

It was addressed to "Lady LeTran of San Francisco." Teeheehee...*fit of giggles*

...sent via Royal Mail, I feel like royalty already.

A true British talked about round-abouts and wrote things like "blimey."

A true CE talked about earthquakes and natural mass source of lumber.

A true construction manager talked about renovation cost of moving partition walls. I love it!

...and a well rounded man would also be up to date with pop culture, so he discussed the royal wedding. Being such a wonderful man, how could the queen not invite him to the wedding nor seek his counsels? I couldn't understand either. However, I'm looking forward to a postcard from The Palace covered in biscuit crumbs and tea stains.

Of course it has to be from Sir Hitén! Only Sir Hitén can write such an entertaining postcard message. No wonder he was able to steal Hidayah's heart.

Personally, I think Hidayah (aka Nur) must have trained him really well with this block type face because a couple of years ago, his handwriting was pretty elementary compare to this neatness.

Postcard collection so far! I love you guys!