The Day I Grew A Mustache!

In pottery class, I made a bunch of bowls. Really ugly bowls. But I borrowed the idea of a mustache cup/mug from the internet and made myself a mustache cup! Behold!


And here's a black and white one for an old timey effect.

2010-9-23 Thursday


OMG, I got featured at one of my friends', Drea Moore, blog! Cool, huh?

I haven't been crocheting lately because ... well, I don't have a good excuse except that I was busy. However, I started on a chick and a clergyman. Hah!

In the mean time, my sister found these super adorable animal decorations for bento boxes from a Japanese grocery store. She made mini muffins and we decided to play with them.

Day 202 Sunday 9/12/2010
Here we have little Blue Bear being on top of the world!

Little Blue Bear also have friends joining him in mini muffin world. Please meet, Grumpy Giraffe and Mischievous Kitten.

Along with Intrepid Puppy, they went hiking everywhere! Even on this strange fibrous land. What they did not know was that the fibrous terrain was in fact the hair of a giant! They have wandered into the land of the giants!

They decided to stay and explore this strange land. They found a giant sleeping kitten!

Mischievous Kitten was indeed mischievous, so she climbed atop the giant kitten for a photo opportunity. The giant sleeping kitten was a little confused.

...But he couldn't find the source of the strange tickle on his head.

So the giant kitten went back to sleep. Mission accomplished!