DIY paint Ikea lamp shade with two patterns

I purchased a pair of Ikea lamps a few months ago. I loved the color, then I changed my mind. They also don't go with the rest of my room. I spray painted these, each side with a different pattern so when I'm tired of one pattern, I'll just flip it over and add a new look to my room.

_MG_1986 copy

Here's the old lamp shade.
_MG_1872 copy

I sprayed painted the front and back sides with a light blue and the two sides with a turquoise.
_MG_1907 copy

Wait until all sides are dry. Then use painter's tape to make chevron patterns on one of the larger sides of the lamp shade. I made mine imperfect with small and large lines.
_MG_1912 copy

Spray paint it a different color (in my case, I used the turquoise since that side of the lamp shade was previously painted light blue).

On the other side, use a stencil pattern of your choice. I used one from Hobby Lobby for $6. Be prepared to throw this away after a few uses because stencils are very flimsy and difficult to clean, no matter what the advertisement says.

Here are the final results. It's just one lamp shade with two different patterns on the front and back.
_MG_1986 copy

_MG_1990 copy

_MG_1988 copy

P.S. I made the splatter on the sides more noticeable because I like the texture. It adds dimension. :)

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