Granny Square Blanket


Some time last year, I read this blog post from According to Matt and decided that I want to make a granny square blanket, too. I have never made a blanket before and it would be nice to start on this project.

After deliberating with my sister, the graphic designer, we came up with a color scheme and combinations for my blanket. My sister said that I should just go with two-color combination as opposed to three-color like Matt did on his blog. This would make things easier for me and I like the idea of more white.

On August 8th, 2012, I started my first granny square. I have set a goal for myself that I should make at least one square each day and gave myself one whole year to make 432 squares. That would allow me with a blanket of 18x24 squares.


I'm happy to report that I have finally went over the 50% mark. I've been way behind on my progress but I'm quickly catching up. Currently, there are 281 squares completed and I have 2 months left to finish the other 151 squares. Once the squares are finished, I will have to join them together and I figure that would take at least another month. By the time I'm finished, the cold season will creep around. Perfect!

Kindle Paperwhite


Last Christmas, my sister gave me an Amazon gift certificate with a lot of money. Finally, in March, I decided to use my Amazon money for a Kindle. Being the old books lover that I am, I spent a lot of time debating whether or not to get the Kindle. I gave in to the dark side due to a lot of convincing words from other book lovers.

Then it was a matter of which Kindle to get. That was also exhausting. After receiving so many detailed and well-thought out recommendations from friends and the interweb, I decided to get the Kindle Paperwhite. I would like to thank Ruby, Joanie, Brendan, and Nur for their opinions and recommendations. I appreciate your precious time.

Inside the black box.


Turning my baby on!


So, what do I think about my purchase? I LOVE IT!

It has a nice matte exterior finish like an eraser. The same texture as the Google Chromebook. It's very light. However, Brendan mentioned that his simple Kindle is a lot lighter than mine.

The Kindle Paperwhite has a back light which is very helpful because I love to read in the dark. Please don't try this at home. I'm able to read nonstop from the afternoon, to dusk, to night without having to get up to turn on the light. This is not a good thing, I'm sure.

Previous owners of the Kindle Touch complained that the touch was too sensitive and it reacting to clothing (sleeves mainly) touching the screen flipping pages. The new Paperwhite model corrected this problem and I have not encountered this issue.

Some of the reviews complained that there isn't much hand room to hold onto the Kindle and their fingers get tired. Well, sure, if you're dumb enough to hold the Kindle like it's shown in the picture. How about not hold it up with just two fingers? How about just letting it whole thing rest on your hand? It's small enough.


I sew a really quick and simple cover for my Kindle from 3mm thick felt. I didn't feel like adding embellishments or buttons (it was tight enough to hold it in place) or design because I was lazy. It helped keep my Kindle scratch free in my purse.

Overall, I'm really happy with this purchase and have been buying a lot of ebooks already.

Thank you everyone for contributing to this purchase!