Valentine Day

This year we decided to make sushi! The whole experience was very fun. We had so much sashimi that it wasn't even funny.

Vegetable tempura
We made tempura of cucumber, onion, avocado, zucchini, and shrimp. It was a lot of deep-frying. I will not be deep-frying anything for a long time from now.

Garlic scallops
We splurged a little and got day-caught scallops. They were so fresh and rich. I could never imagine how buttery and rich scallops can get. I made a garlic and sesame dressing to go with the scallops.

Spicy scallop roll
Making spicy scallop roll
This was our first time rolling a sushi roll ever in our lives. We made a spicy scallop roll with strips of cucumber. It was a lot harder than we imagined.

Spicy scallop roll

Spicy scallop roll
Spicy scallop roll cut and plated.

Salmon and tuna roll
Next up, we had the salmon and tuna roll with cucumber and cilantro.

Making dragon roll
Then we made our last and final roll which was the "Dragon" roll.

Sushi and sashimi spread
The rest were all salmon and tuna sashimi.

The meal was very satisfying. For something so simple looking as sashimi and sushi, the process of preparing it with care was quite difficult. I think I'll leave sushi rolling up to the professionals from now on. However, I will continue to eat slabs after slabs of sashimi by myself.


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