Bag From A Bag Revisited

Ever since I made the bag from a bag, I've asked my fellow feral cat feeders for their leftover cat food bags. I've collected a bunch and finally make a new batch (about 8 bags total, I have more in my "to make" pile). I even got a proper photographer to take pictures for me this time. I even model my own bags. So editorial.

See, very editorial.


This time, I decided to get some smaller twines and braid them together for the handles. This way, the twine won't fray easily.

I got three types of kibble bags. These are the other two:


I even got help from Lily.

And Mr. Hobbes!

Since it was so editorial, I'll have to list the credits where credit is due.

Material providers: Wonderful feeders of the Hobo feral cat colony
Bags sewn by: LeTran B.
Wardrobe: Baotran B.
Background: Baotran B.
Makeup: LeTran B.
Photography: Baotran B.
Cute directors: Lily B. and Hobbes B.