My Very First Garment!

One fine day, I decided to jump headfirst into sewing a dress. I always said that I'll learn to sew clothes ever since high school and it has been at 16 years since I first started high school. So I grew some balls ovaries and bought a pattern, specifically this one by Simplicity. I also bought a cheap remnant silk piece because I figured my first project shouldn't be wasted on really expensive materials.

After many hours of cutting the pattern, laying out the pieces to fit my tiny remnant piece, learning to sew a french seam (because I don't have a serger), adjusting the pattern because I have a short torso and short in general, I created this monster!


Many more hours after this were devoted to pinning, ripping out seams, restitching seams, inserting zippers, hemming, and ironing. I also ran into a bunch of mishaps.

First problem: the zipper I bought previously was too short, I had to go buy a longer one or else it wouldn't open enough for my giant butt to wiggle in.

Second problem: I was an idiot and didn't buy an invisible zipper so the back is ugly. Please forgive this mistake, master of all sewing! I will always wear this dress with my hair down so people can't see my mistake.

Third problem: I didn't get bias tape and didn't spend the time to research it so the edges on the arm holes are wrinkly.

Fourth problem: I forgot to compensate for my itty bitty titties so I ended up with a lot of room in the bust area. I tried to fix this by making the back a bit smaller but probably will need to stuff my bra for it to look correct.

Fifth problem: My craftmanship resembles that of a 5-year-old. But soon, it will increase to the level of Forever21 clothes for sure!

If the previous five problems are overlooked, the dress is great. Tada! 

Close up of the bow my sister tied for me.


Close up of the neck.

Here's me looking so happy to finish my first ever wearable project!


Lessons learned:
1. Shouldn't have try to make such a structured dress for the first time.
2. Shouldn't use thick silk because everything was hard and bulky.
3. Shouldn't have use a light and solid color since it was very hard to hide mistakes. My sister said a floral print fabric would work a lot better.
4. Making clothes is really fun!


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Sew awesome. Get it?? Hahahahhaha.

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