Reusing flowers and jars

I'm a contributor and I never post :P

This isn't as "crafty" a post as my sister's, but just thought I post something for funsies.

Last week a girl with the same name as me got married. Whoa. I thought I was getting married. Her wedding favor was a glass jar full of vanilla and juicy pear jelly beans. My sister gave me the idea of reusing these as vases. Of course it didn't work so well if I had no flowers.

The next day someone gave me flowers. Whoa again. I put them in a large vase, but it was too big. With my black thumbs, I "attempted" to take care of them, but poor flowers didn't survive for long. Some of them are sturdier than others, so I put my sister's idea to good use.

Shorten the stems on the surviving flowers and put them into the glass jars.

Dead flowers that were left. These are ugly phone photos!


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