DIY Necklace & Earring Hanger from Tree Branch

A few days ago, I accidentally stumbled upon a few posts on Pinterest about DIY necklace hangers made from tree branches or scraps of wood.

My mother is a hoarder—she even keeps branches of trees she cut down. It's weird, but I found a branch from her cherry tree she trimmed last year. Thank you, mother, your hoarding problem finally paid off :D

So after stealing my mother's cherry branch, aka trash, I went to Home Depot looking for small cup hooks to use on my hanger. Alas, the size I wanted were all gold. I'm not a fan of this color :| I went home a little disappointed, but decided to go ahead and use my father's stash of regular nails.

Take a branch—anything you like. Make sure it's dry.

I sprayed it with a matt varnish to seal the wood and give it a darker shade of wood.

Add nails.

I added a nail approximately every one inch. Some of my necklaces are bulky so they need space between them.

Bam. Done. Remember to make another one for your earrings.

TIP: If you use nails, because they are straight, make sure you angle the nails downwards when you hammer them in. That way the head of the nails are going upwards. Your necklaces won't move or fall off the nails. I made the mistake of not thinking about that until the end so I had to fix all the nails later.


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