Too-Large Dress Refashion: Success!

(This isn't a tutorial, just a quick show-and-tell on my refashion)

A coworker kindly donated a dress to me. It was the perfect challenge for my refashion project being that it was a few sizes too large and would require a completely new neckline, redoing the entire zipper, and hiding tear and wear. Necklines are my enemy, but I conquered it with conviction and won. The zipper and other issues ain't got nuthing on me!

Man, my photos are terrible.

Here's the before photo. I have yet to conquer selfies.

I chopped off the neck and a few inches from the shoulders, then created a new neckline. Side view.

From scrap fabric, I cut facing and attach interface. TUTORIAL on facing :)


Redo zipper, shorten hem and what what! Done!


BabeBknee said...

You are "sew" amazing!

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