Degarmoara Winter Wonderland ‘White Fairy’

This beauty is my new acquisition: the Degarmoara Winter Wonderland ‘White Fairy’ orchid.

Part of the Oncidium Alliance, this orchid is an intergeneric hybrid between Brassia, Miltonia and Odontoglossum. I never get tired of saying "Oncidium Alliance"—it sounds like the name of a band of intergalactic warriors.

The pot had no accompanying label, as with most orchids, so I'm making a guess based on Google research. This is my most expensive orchid—I think I buy orchids to relieve stress, but most likely they will create more stress in the long run. I see a vicious cycle coming on.

This plant has four flower spikes. Although not as tall as other Oncidium spikes in the store, mine is full of buds! I've learned not to buy orchids when they're currently in bloom, but when they're just buds. I get to enjoy them longer and have more time to learn to care for them. Here are more photos of my new baby. :)


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