Someone found my xanga and it reminded me of the embarrassing posts that I made about being angry and depressed through my angsty years. However, it also reminded me that I had a Livejournal. I spent quite a bit of time going through my old entries. Although they are embarrassing to read, I also enjoyed seeing my thought process throughout the years as I was growing up. It's not a bad thing to keep a journal of my thoughts after all. At this point, I think I'll use this blog as a more grown up version of my teenager/young journal for my future self to read.

With that said, I just want to write a note about my trip to Seattle to see my good friend Jenny with Brendan in September of this year. As seen in the photo above, the view from Jenny's rooftop is pretty swag. I had a lot of fun just lazing around with Jenny and Brendan.

The awesome thing was that I got to play with Jenny's dog, Gambit, and Gambit's friend, Forbin.


That's Gambit. He's a really handsome dog. Not only that, he's a super fun dog. He knows his tricks and wanted to play all the time which was super cute!


This is Forbin. He gets along really well with Gambit and equally cute! I personally think Gambit is way cuter and I cannot lie.


Gambit with his favorite toy!



While I was there, we went for a lot of walks. Did you know that Seattle is a super dog-friendly city? Everywhere we went, people leave water bowls for dogs outside on their front porches. Even restaurants do that.

We went to this restaurant called Norm's that allowed dogs inside! It was like heaven. People were eating and their dogs would just hang around right next to them. I approve and support this idea immensely.


Jenny even took me to see the bridge troll.

We went to the Bumbleshoot music festival on one of the days. We saw Missy Higgins performed. I was really glad I got to see her even though it was by pure accident. I used to listen to her album The Sound of White a lot but have forgotten about her for a couple of years. During this tour, she was singing a lot of songs from her new album The Ol' Razzle Dazzle. I especially like Watering Hole and Tricks.

Here are the songs from her Sound Cloud.

Overall, it was a great trip. I got to do the following:

1. See Jenny
2. Meet Gambit
3. Hang out with Jenny and Brendan
4. See Brendan being really funny drunk
5. Eat at Molly Moon's
6. Visit Archie McPhee and bought a bunch of amusing things.
7. Learn that people in Seattle are the nicest people ever
8. Learn that Seattle's architecture is pretty awesome
9. Rediscover a really cool artist
10. Jenny gave me a really cool quilt that her mom made


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