Art, pup, and shark


Every 2nd Saturday of the month, Sacramento art galleries are open to the public. It's called Sacramento Art Walk or Second Saturday. This month, I went with my sister to one of the galleries because her boss' boyfriend had his stuff on display. Oakland has a similar event called Oakland Art Murmur which happens on every first Friday of each month.

It was a pretty fun trip, I didn't take too many photos because I basically looked like a really shady hobo with my hobo bag, unkempt hair, and giant camera. Most of the stuff are really cool.


The super cool thing was that we saw a puppy! She was in this closed restaurant space near the gallery and she was looking really sad.


See! Look at that face! We spent some times just hanging around there with her. She seemed excited to have people around.



Her name is Baby!

That was the art and the puppy part. Now where is the shark?


When I first moved into my new apartment 1 1/2 years ago, my sister got me this awesome shower curtain. It had served me well for it developed thousands of "lakes" in Russia where the paint came off. I'm sure "lakes" were developing at other areas, too, but Russia was more noticeable. I really loved that shower curtain but the edges were fraying and it was time for retirement.

When reading interior design blogs or home magazines, I always thought that I'd like my place to look sophisticated and grown up. Simple and clean. But when it comes to picking things for my apartment, all of those things that are "sophisticated" feel so boring and I want something fun! So I ended up choosing this shower curtain!


When I was browsing shower curtains on Amazon, they recommended these shark tub tattoos and I had to get them, too. Look! They're super cool!


Confession: my bathtub isn't really that clean. I just up the lighting and contrast to hide away the dirty parts.

It will be a long while before I reach a point where my apartment will have all matching decor and looking like this and I'm OK with that. For now, I'll just clean my bathtub using Photoshop.


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