The Move Part II - The Quest for Internet

Oh, internet, why do you like to toy with my heart? AT&T called and said I should have internet on the Feb 10th at 8 pm. I got home at 10 pm, and tried to set up my internet.

Do you like my new office? It's in the kitchen. It's there because the phone jack and the power outlet is next to the sink. What? I tried to set up the internet and did everything they told me. Alas, nothing was working! As in turned out, the old phone jack was rusted and all of the copper wires were oxidized.

By some miracles, I found a brand new phone jack among the bathroom stuff and managed to installed it. Hoorah! Internet!

While setting up the internet, I had the stove next to me so I made some eggs and ate it with a bit of salt and pepper flakes. I hadn't unpack the dishes yet, so I ate it out of my cast iron pan. I am the definition of classy.


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