The Move Part I

I finally made a move from Berkeley to San Francisco! Now I can pretend to be an urban hipster with skinny jeans and hoodies.

Here are all of my stuff packed up and ready to go!

The new apartment is on the 2nd floor and the building doesn't have an elevator. That means, for every box of stuff that I had, I had to run up and down the stairs every time. So exhausting. My legs got the work out of their lives.

Here's the new tiny kitchen.

The unpacked bedroom. Wow, what a mess!

The new bathroom had this really ugly curtain.

So my sister got me new curtain! Isn't it cool? Helen used to have the same shower curtain, too! ...and so did Brendan. I suppose we all love our little world.

Duckie also moved with me. I got him from the Contra Costa Water Department during one of the career fairs. Besides not getting jobs at career fairs, I like to pick up free stuff like Duckie here, and random tiny plastic cones.

The first morning at the new apartment, I woke up with wonderful hair!

I turned on the water, washed my face, went to turn off the water and...the wonderful faucet handle broke into pieces! I was very strong! Just kidding, the faucet handle was so dirty with rust everywhere. It was disgusting. Since it broke, I couldn't turn the water off!

But don't worry, I was clever, I took off the handle on the cold water side and stuck it on the hot water side and all was well again.

Of course, I called the landlord and demanded new handles! Don't worry, I also cleaned up the faucet. No more disgusting grimes.

There was also a giant gap, approximately 1/4", under my door so the cold breeze came to visit very often. Until I had a chance to visit Home Depot, I used my dirty moving jeans as a temporary weather strip.

On a side note, I realized that I have a lot of perfume. I must be really stinky.


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