Fix Loose or Skewed Neckline with Darts

I love it when other people's mistakes benefit me. In this case, my coworker washed and dried her cute tartan dress, unfortunately shrinking it in the process. Now that it's a size smaller, she handed it down to me.

It fits me perfectly in its shrunken condition, except the neckline was loose and slightly skewed from the heat. Look at this poor neckline in the front AND back. So unattractive.

I find that adding darts will pull the neckline in. Technically I should remove the neckline, add darts, and sew the neckline back up. But I can't sew necklines to save my life, so to avoid ruining the entire dress, I opted for this lazy way.

I added two darts in the front and two in the back.

After adding the darts, the neckline instantly hugs the neck. Bam.


essayroo said...

wow you are so craetive to make something out of something like this is such a talent! I dont know if i make sense but good work

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