Stick Art

I saw this Driftwood Seahorse thing on Pinterest and thought it was a cool idea. Then I saw that my dad was trimming the birch trees and were throwing away a bunch of small branches. I thought to myself that maybe I can try to be artsy and make my own woody wall art. By the way, my sister was the one who had the bright idea of using the birch branches. I would have just collected sticks on the ground.

So I dragged in a couple of branches and spent some good time trimming them down to bare branches.

I also cut out this silhouette from a random piece of cardboard. I only wanted to make a small one first to see if I'll like it before spending time on a large one.

Glue gun. Bam!

Cut branches and glue glue glue!

Done! I must say, I'm very happy with the result. However, I think it was a lot easier for me to cut the branches because they are still fresh and soft.

I showed the finished product to my parents and both of them thought that I made a swan. I can see that. Maybe it'll be an interpret art piece. Maybe I'll even hang it upside down!


Stinkeepoo said...

This was a success!!! Not like the pumpkin drill!

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