At the end of December last year, I decided to get Invisalign. I know my teeth aren't in the celebrity smile status but I didn't have a problem with them at all. I liked them snaggletooth and all. In fact, no one seemed to have any issue with my snaggletooth either. No one ever make fun of my teeth or reject me for anything because of my teeth. So why did I decide to go with Invisalign? Mainly because it's nice to have a straight set of teeth...a luxury! The second big reason is that the way my teeth were lining up, the top front teeth were scraping on the bottom teeth causing them to wear down. I didn't want them to get so worn that they will be completely gone when I'm 55.

Because I was an idiot, I didn't take photos of the original state of my teeth to compare. I only started to take photos in February. So, here are the comparison between February and now.

To be uploaded2

I didn't see any improvement here. I actually think it got worse. My bottom teeth would take almost twice as long as my top to move around since I have that one tooth that is almost horizontal.

To be uploaded4

Left view.

To be uploaded5

Right view.

To be uploaded6

Top view.

To be uploaded1

I found this photo of my upper teeth back in October of 2012 and you can see that they did move from their original positions.

To be uploaded3

Front view. Oh yeah, one of my front teeth is chipped like crazy because it's freakishly long so it got into the way of me eating and noming.

20130517-Photo on 5-17-13 at 3.43 PM

Bonus non-crazy picture!


I'm always pretty, I swear!!!


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