Self Evaluations

2012 was a very eventful year. I have done a lot and accomplished a lot. Earlier in the year, I made a list of things I want to do to improve myself in general.

Self-Improvement List for 2012
- Get motorcycle license -- got it!
- Take one fencing class -- done!
- Lower resting heart rate from 72 to below 65 -- resting heart rate is now around 60 bpm
- Lift/squat/press more than my bodyweight of 105 lbs -- see below
- Do 5 pull-ups -- can only do up to 3
- Read 12 books, at least 2 non-fictions -- read 16 books, 6 of them are non-fictions

Looking back, the list was kind of stupid but it was a list nonetheless. I have accomplished the majority of the list.

Earlier this year, I was a pile of flabby fatty mass. Through the help of Helen and Dave, I learned to weight lift and I love it. I can dead lift 165-170 pounds, squat 145-155 pounds, and bench press at a maximum of 70 pounds. Yes, I realized that I failed at bench pressing my own weight. However, everything was a great improvement since I started out dead lifting 60 pounds, squatting 60 pounds, and bench pressing 30 pounds.

List of other things I did in 2012

1. I went out of my comfort zone and took 3 pole dancing classes. They kicked my ass and it felt great. I will continue to do things outside of my comfort zone.

2. I crocheted a Hobbes and a Batman.


3. Went on a bunch of mini adventures with people I love.

4. I met a lot of dogs.

5. Commissioned my very first piece of art from Sara Lyons.
6. Had way too many culinary adventures to count.
7. Suppy came to live with me.
8. Bought my very first Macbook. I still don't know how to use it well.
9. Learned that I'm in love.
10. Started to crochet a granny square blanket. I'm 15% done.
11. Started Invisalign.
12. Learned to crochet the broomstick stitch.
13. Took a bunch of classes while working and got really good grades.

With this new year, I intend on learning new skills, improve my health and self-image, be outside of my comfort zone, and be happier.


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