On the day that I was babysitting Zorba, I received a call from my sister.

I found a chick! - she said.
What? - I said.
A chick was wandering in our backyard! - she replied.

So she set out to see to whom the chick belonged. She asked the kids in the neighborhood who were playing near by. They did not know. During her quest, she found another chick! Then later on, the neighborhood kids found a 3rd one and gave it to her!

Boy oh boy.

They are incredibly cute! What do you think?

Like anything baby, they were full of energy and could not stand still. My sister, the most awesome person in the world, got them a heating pad and took on the painstaking task of grinding up rice to feed them...all while looking pretty.

So we called the SPCA, they said that we cannot surrender them unless we've had them for 30 days already. No way these chicks were older than 30 days, so cannot lie there. My dad posted flyers around the neighborhood but nobody was claiming them so....

20110410-DSC_2321 dad built them a coop! Hahah!

This is what they look like a month ago. I think they are hens and we hope that they are hens, but we will see.

My sister is now a farmer. The chicks, now in their rambunctious teenage stage, think that she's their mommy (mother hen, teehee) and follow her everywhere.

The cats think the chicks are tasty!

Just kidding! They prefer the plastic fowls.


River said...

OMGOMG lol at Calvin's evil conqueror face.

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