Flowers for My Vases

One of my favorite flowers is carnation. Why? No one seems to place too much importance in carnations. They're not expensive and full of cliche meanings like the roses, nor do they represent class like fancy pants orchids. They are the cheapest flowers I could find, have a light floral scent and last forever! Okay, not forever, but up to 3 weeks.

So once in a while, I buy a bunch of carnations. This time, instead of throwing them all into one vase like I usually do, I decided to split them up.

There are these two empty wine bottles that I had just sitting there looking useless. Why not use them as vases for my flower?

I found a small vase also just sitting there being useless and put that one to use, too!

...and another one! Who knew I had so many small vases laying around.

Then I ran out of small vases, so I used a glass.

This is a trick I learned from Martha Stewart, fill the vase with lemons or limes. I just so happen to have a bag of key limes that was going to spoil soon.

Voila! A pretty vase of carnations for my window sill.

Moving on to other things!

I recently received this wall decal in the mail. My sister helped me picked this one out. I trusted her judgement and it came out to be awesome!

It took me forever to set it up straight by myself, but I did it. At least one wall in my apartment is no longer bare. If you look at just this one angle, you can never tell that the rest of the apartment still looks like this.


On a entirely unrelated note, I'm currently in like with this song.


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